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Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the university then banned the neuroscience grad student from campus, but defense attorneys say not so. they say holmes had already begun the process of with drawing from school and that's why his campus key card had been deactivated. the newly released court documents are filled blacked out names and entire pages to protect witnesses and holmes' right to a fair trial but offer a peek into the legal proceedings that have gone on since the mass killing at this colorado movie theater in july. holmes is also known to have mailed a notebook to a university psychiatrist describing a violent attack. the defense says the notebook is protected under doctor/patient privilege and does not want it used as evidence, but prosecutors argue there is no privilege because the doctor/patient relationship ended weeks before the attack. still they've decided not to push the issue because they feel the defense will have to breach the doctor/patient privilege themselves if they try to prove holmes is mentally ill. holmes has not offered a plea yet. >> the court has ruled it will not release an arrest affidavit contai
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
this is your nephew, defensive tackle, don't let the size fool you. he's got a lot of attitude remember gave you your first interview. >> all right. >> reporter: we talked about this area around here. the economic development they promised i'm told today is still coming. look at this. most of the nationals fans at the ticket windows today have been there from the beginning. >> this year did it. we hung with them through the last few years which were tough and d.c. loves this team now. >> we can go all the way and win the world series with our pitching, yeah. we had to sit down strasburg. you have to understand that. >> reporter: the nats going to the playoffs is their reward, but it's still only half of the story of baseball's return to the nation's capital. >> we need some more bars and restaurants and hotels, everything down here. >> reporter: the fans, owners, city officials, business community, just about everybody are still waiting for the economic renaissance, the kind that followed the verizon center's construction in the heart of chinatown. >> you know what happened. the stadium g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2